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187 Monroe Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, USA

Fall 2021 CE-Embezzlement in the Dental office

<p><strong>Money In, Money Out and The Mind of an Embezzler: Unrelenting Greed</strong></p>
<p>Susan Gunn’s mission is to serve clients in providing solutions that enable the practice owners to understand the business of their practice and to protect their practice. Susan is the <em>Financial Organizational Expert </em>providing solutions within the healthcare industry, including medical, dental, veterinary and chiropractic practices. After working in corporate America, she started her business because she was surprised that dentists, and others in the professional practice industry, did not know the true costs of their practice. She was the first to develop a back-to-back accountability between the practice software and QuickBooks in an understandable business format, which substantially influenced accounting and consulting across the professional practice industry nationwide.</p>

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